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For numbers 1-5, read the paragraph. Then choose the sentence that best fills the blank in the paragraph. 1. Fingerprinting is a foolproof method of determining the identity of a person. The procedure is quite simple. The tip of each finger is rolled over an inky surface. ___________. The ridge pattern of the fingertips can be seen on the fingerprint card. A. The inked part of each finger is lightly pressed onto a card. B. The fingerprint patterns are studied by experts. C. No two sets of fingerprints have ever proven to be identical. D. Then the ten fingers are studied as a group. 2. To take a person’s pulse, first make sure the patient’s arm is in a comfortable position. Then place the tips of…show more content…
The 1980’s began his highly successful television series “The Cosby Show.” During this time, he also wrote several books, including the very funny Fatherhood. In the 1990’s, he started another television series, “Cosby” which lasted a few years. He was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1992. Then, a sad time occurred in his life in 1997 when his son was shot and murdered in a bungled robbery. Bill Cosby has received many awards. In 1998, he received The Kennedy Center Lifetime Achievement Award. Now choose the best answer for each question. 11. Which of the following happened first? A. Cosby started standup comedy acts at nightclubs. B. He attended college at Temple University. C. He began a television show. D. He wrote his first book. 12. Which show started Cosby’s career in television? A. “The Cosby Show” B. “Cosby” C. “Fat Albert” D. “I Spy” 13. Which of these events happened first? A. Cosby’s son was shot and murdered. B. He wrote the book Fatherhood. C. He married Camille

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