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How can human fingerprints be used to identify individuals? Do fingerprints have advantages over the use of DNA? Illustrate using your own fingerprints. Note: Remember- intro, explain, example and link. Answer briefly the questions in the introduction. Human fingerprints represent individualism. It has been discovered that fingerprints fully develop eleven to twenty weeks into pregnancy (Champod et al, 2004). The fingerprint patterns are created by random nongenetic traits during the development of the embryonic fingerpads (National, 1992). It was determined in the fourteenth century by a Persian government official and doctor that ‘no two fingerprints are alike’, this discovery was later reinforced through the acknowledgment of its capabilities for human identification by introducing fingerprint analysis into the world of forensics (Cole, 2001). The concept of fingerprint identification has been used for centuries since its discovery, and many ancient civilisations have used it to their advantage. The oldest representation of the unique characteristics of fingerprints was founded in Nova Scotia. A pre-historic colony represented their individual finger markings on a slate which displayed the distinct loops, whorls and arches (Thompson et al, 2007). In Babylon and China, man used fingerprints for criminal identification and used their finger impressions on clay seals of their tombs, and on important legal reports within the society (Kienholtz, 1999). It was clear that many isolated countries had also recognised the significance and purpose of fingerprint identification long before Western society had even observed the unique individual signatures residing at the end of their finger tips. In 1686, an Italian Anatomy Professor Marcello Malpighi, referenced the different characteristics in individual fingerprints. Malpighi classified these

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