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INTRODUCTION TO FORENSIC SCIENCE II (Lab Exercise #6) TO: Mr. Francis V. Burke, Forensic Science Laboratory FROM: Stephen Schulze, Gayle Thom, Mike Curiale, Brett Flassing, SUBJECT: Finger Prints A. Description of Assignments: On the date of April 7, of 2008 we started our sixth lab which was about dusting for fingerprints. We were instructed to put finger prints and hand prints onto a few sheets of paper. We were than to lift and discover prints with powder on different objects. B. Description of Method: In order for us to conduct our labs we were instructed on how to take prints off of certain items. We did a few different styles of lifting prints which included dry silicone on the hands to form the print, we used iodine, we used ninhydrin, and black magnetic powder. First we sprayed silicone on our hand and patted a cloth to get excess off than we made a hand print on to a sheet of paper. Than we took fingerprint powder (black) and dusted it on to the paper to reveal the hand and fingerprints. On another sheet we were instructed to get eight fingerprints on the paper. Than we were instructed to put fingerprints all over items that we had at out lab station. The items that we had included the following a glass svedka bottle, a plastic Smirnoff bottle, a cassette case, a cd, and also a beer bottle. After that we than set the items up in side of a fuming tank to expose the prints. C. Observation/ Conclusions: We found may fingerprints on the items that we were supplied. Some of the prints that we found consisted of full prints and partial prints. We also observed latent prints show up when we used the iodine and steam with heat. We lifted several prints off of the items. When you use the super glue fuming you is able to lift several prints from the same print. D. Text References: Visible print is a fingerprint made when the

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