Fine Arts Funding In Public Schools Essay

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Fine Arts Funding In Public Schools I’ll always remember the first day I started taking lessons at my hometown’s local music store. I was so excited to learn how to play the violin, especially because I was only in the fourth grade. Being in the elementary school band was something I was not interested in at all. I wanted to be different and take on a more unique challenge. After a full year of experience and going in to the fifth grade, I was absolutely thrilled that my school was starting its first ever orchestra program. It was the only program offered in the academic district. I ended up with a fine arts seal on my diploma from graduating with multiple years of playing in the advanced symphonic orchestra. Music has made such a positive impact throughout my life. I believe that every person should get the chance to participate in a music program, yet funding for music programs in public schools is consistently decreasing. Throughout public schools nation-wide, federal funding for music and arts programs in education is consistently being cut back; some even completely eliminated.…show more content…
We should want to improve the intelligence of our nation. The greatest annuity that could be the most valuable effort to society is the accessibility to music. The fine arts are not just designated for those that want to become a professional musician or major in music. I studied music all throughout middle and high school, but am majoring in public relations. My understanding and experience of music has helped me excel in more than one particular subject field. Majority of those who study the arts often major in a field completely opposite, but the skills gained from their passed experience exceed of those who are completely foreign to music. The insufficient music funding is deteriorating the quality of education in public

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