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Fine Art Unit 1 Study Guide · Description of David, by Italian Baroque artist Gianlorenzo Bernini. The sculpture was one of many commissions to decorate the villa of Bernini's patron Cardinal Scipione Borghese · What are Italian Baroque characteristics of Gianlorenzo Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers? The fountain served as a public emblem of the Catholic Church's dominance and authority. · Caravaggio’s paintings depart from Renaissance traditions to reflect the Italian Baroque style, how? The artist depicted figures within settings that demonstrate the use of atmospheric perspective. · What techniques did Italian Baroque artist, Caravaggio, use in The Conversion of Saint Paul Caravaggio's intense level of realism was hardly appreciated by his peers. This artist shows everything, from dirty fingernails, to the dirty bottoms of feet, to the bruises and worm holes on apples and the holes in pierced ears. · What techniques did Spanish Baroque artist, Diego Velazquez, use in Las Meninas. Velázquez involves the viewer by creating a convincing space and eye contact with the subjects in the painting. · Description of Landscape with the Burial of Phocion by French Baroque artist Nicolas Poussin. Poussin arranges an idealized landscape with all of the elements carefully constructed. · Description of Elevation of the Cross by Baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens of the Netherlands. The color palette and contrast in light and dark are subtle and subdued · How can you describe the techniques and style of Baroque artist Rembrandt of the Netherlands in his later years? heavy outlines · Description of French artist Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin. his genre paintings which depict kitchen maids, children, and domestic activities. Carefully balanced composition, soft diffusion of light, and granular impasto

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