Finding Unity In Religions Essay

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Unity in Religions One way, I believe and hold to be true, is to unify religions is to imagine them all looking for the same thing; whether that is peace or enlightenment, imagine them all on a journey. You’ll find that the goals, though under different names, are all very similar. For instance, you might be surprised to find that the millenarian aspects of all the religions’ doctrines are very similar, that is to say that most of the religions of the world are looking forward to similar, prophesized “Golden Ages” and with similar descriptions of their promised Messiahs. Here, we have a common factor. Under all the differences, we all want the same thing: goodness. As of 2010, says National Geographic, 88% of the world holds some form of religious belief. So, many of us believe in God (or believes in the goodly existence of religion). From this, we can generalise that a lot of us believe that God exists. Here, another common factor. But others would counter-argue this, saying that their religion’s founder (and sub-sequentially and theoretically, their religion) has a better view of what God is and how she/he exists, causing conflict. I would argue back, saying that God in his/her infinity and unity, as is taught but many great religions, is absolutely everything. So, by being everything, surely God is more than able to be everything that ALL the religions teach. Again, another unifying factor. I would also seek to show that all the Messiahs and prophets that have lived on Earth, are all just men (and women) who have gained some insight knowledge of the Divine, large or small. By this, I have not lessened and heightened these great people, but have put them all onto the same par, giving their ideas unity and themselves and their followers equality. Imagine a room full of philosophers. Imagine that these people have come from all over the world and are
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