Finding The Right Job For Your Product Essay

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Finding The Right Job For Your Product Finding the Right Job For Your Product Most companies segment their he market segmentation scheme that a company chooses to adopt is a decision markets by customer demographics T of vast consequence. It determines what that company decides to produce, how it will take those products to market, who it believes its competitors to be and how large it believes its market opportunities to be. Yet many managers give little thought to whether their segmentation of the market is leading their marketing or product efforts in the right direction. Most companies segment along lines defined by the character- characteristics istics of their products (category or price) or customers (age, gender, marital status and income level). Some business-to-business companies slice their markets by industry; others and differentiate by size of business. The problem with such segmentation schemes is that they are static. their offerings by Customers’ buying behaviors change far more often than their demographics, psychograph- ics or attitudes. Demographic data cannot explain why a man takes a date to a movie on one adding features and night but orders in pizza to watch a DVD from Netflix Inc. the next. Product and customer characteristics are poor indicators of customer behavior, because functions. But the from the customer’s perspective that is not how markets are structured. Customers’ pur- consumer has a chase decisions don’t necessarily conform to those of the “average” customer in their demographic; nor do they confine the search for solutions within a product category. different view of the Rather, customers just find themselves needing to get things done. When customers find that they need to get a job done, they “hire” products or services to do the job. This means marketplace. He simply that marketers need to understand the jobs that arise

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