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“Finding Nemo” is fictional movie based on ocean life. It shows how a fish’s life may change in a quick second. It could be what you think is perfect to then rock bottom. But in my opinion I think that the movie “Finding Nemo,” is not 100% correct. All of the things that the fish do in the movie are a myth. Fish don’t usually do those kinds of things, but if they did that would be insane! “Finding Nemo,” a good movie; but not a true movie. First of all in the movie “Finding Nemo,” fish can’t talk. Fish do communicate, but they don’t speak English. In the movie they go around the ocean talking to each other, and even sing. In the movie Nemo swims out to the boat on the surface, but usually fish get scared of boats and swim away. Also the people on the boat probably won’t go out toward the middle of the ocean just to get a fish for an aquarium. Also when the divers catch Nemo and bring him to their boat, Nemo’s dad Marlin wouldn’t go and chase the boat. When Marlin is trying to find Nemo, he came upon a group of sharks. You would think that the sharks would eat him, but they don’t. The shark’s motto is “Fish are Friends not Food.” So that is a meager unrealistic part in this movie. When Dorie joins the adventure with Marlin they come upon swimming goggles that the divers used to see to catch Nemo. When they see it Dorie is able to read the address of where they live. That is so unrealistic because fish can’t read English. When the two fish are trying to go to Sydney, Australia they come upon a group of fish that can come together and make different shapes and objects. Fish cannot do this kind of mismatching and become a unique blob and makes shapes, that’s why this part of the movie is unrealistic. Also when they came upon that group of fish they asked for directions, and the fish told them by forming a sign. Fish usually don’t know directions to get to big cities.

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