Finding Nemo Essay

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Bethany Furmanek May 2nd 2013 Finding Nemo: Marlin Throughout the movie Finding Nemo, Marlin is worriesome, fearful, caring, determined, over-protective, and fatherly. When Nemo starts the 1st day of school, Marlin has a great fear and anxiety. According to Freud this is an unconscious conflict between the id's and superego's desires regarding how to satisfy a need. With the ego caught in the middle. The ego's solution to this conflict is to create a feeling of anxiety. This anxiety toward Nemo can be seen when Marlin the father becomes so obsessed by fear that he follows Nemo on his 1st day of school. In the movie, Marlin has many defense mechanisms. Marlin pushes back memories of Coral (wife) and children dying. He redirects his feelings of the death of his family to protect Nemo from anything and everything. After the death of his family Marlin became very fearful of his surrounding and became over-protective of Nemo his only son. Marlin shows inferiority complex after Nemo is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney. Marlin is a timid clownfish about to set out on a journey to bring Nemo home. Marlin is very nervous and scared to go out in the great blue sea. He also has a fear that he may never see his only son Nemo again. Marlin feels he may have loss the only thing he had left of him. Marlins style of life is that he is very cautious of his surrounding because he doesn't want to be put in the situation he was in when his wife and children were eaten by the shark. Marlin may have been a whole different clownfish with a different personality if the event of his wife and children being attacked was handled in a different fashion. Marlin not being able to protect his wife and children from the shark made him become very cautious of the ocean. It also made him be less of a sociable fish. If the event didn't take place Marlin wouldn't
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