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This is an essay written for my english class using the ideas of Robert Thurman's "Wisdom", Jean Twenge's "An Army of One: Me" and Charles Seibert's "An Elephant Crackup?". Those are not my ideas just my way of connecting the three pieces. American Society is being taught that competitiveness and individualism is the most important thing for people in this day and age. That to get somewhere in this life you need to step on a few people no matter how tough you are on them. The idea of selflessness and helping others is almost completely dead and gone. In the past people would look out for one another but now people only look out for themselves and what’s good for them. In “Wisdom”, Robert Thurman encourages the thought of selflessness. He believes that being selfless is more important than being selfish and that society today has become corrupt. In “An Army of One: Me”, Jean Twenge shows how todays society is selfish and narcissistic, the exact opposite of the selflessness Thurman wants us to be. She believes that today’s society has been corrupt because of the parents teaching their kids that it is more important to feel good about them than care about what others think. That in turn makes kids only worry about themselves and when they make it to real life they are not prepared for the failures they will encounter and will have no one to lean on because they have been on their own for the entire time. In “An Elephant Crackup?” Charles Siebert talks about how elephants and humans cannot get along. Mostly because humans cannot look past their own ways into the problems of elephants, how people take elephants land and leave them with nothing. That causes the elephants anger but society sees it as elephants attacking humans at will which is why humans retaliate the way they do. Humans have the inability to look past their own lives into the lives of others, which do

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