Finding Forrester Movie Review

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Finding Forrester is a movie I’ll never forget. The story revolved on an African-American boy named Jamal Wallace who dreamed of becoming a writer. He met William Forrester who was a successful writer during his time and became his mentor. The two became close and helped each other grow which emphasized the gift of friendship. The story gives importance about hope when venturing into the reality of life. People are afraid of what they don’t understand and can easily make assumptions out of it which becomes our fears. The movie also teaches me about writing where the main character was accused of plagiarism. More importantly, it teaches me that in writing I should write deep down from my heart, just let the words pour and let the thinking becomes second. I can say the movie is spectacular due to following reasons. First, the portrayal of the characters is remarkable. For example, the character William Forrester played by Sean Connery has persona of a good mentor. Sean Connery radiates an image of a man who had many experiences in life. He also has a soothing voice that I liked to hear. Another is the character of Professor Crawford played by F. Murray Abraham is an exemplar of a good villain. He played good because I’m almost convinced that he was a real bad professor and whenever he was on a scene, I almost want to strangle him especially on the part where he picked on Jamal. Second, the deliverance of the messages is clear. The language that was used is simple English. I don’t need to know American slang to understand the conversations. Lastly, I have learned many lessons which were stated on the first paragraph by watching the movie. My favorite part of the movie is when Forrester came to the literary contest. I’m happy that he defended Jamal and thanked him for becoming his friend. My least favorite is when the lawyer announced that Forrester has passed away.

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