Finding Forrester Essay

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Mr.avroch Avid 8 Finding Forrester Does anyone really like to be stereotyped? Finding Forrester is a film that in my opinion is full of stereotypes. The entire film is based on different racial opinions, opinions of different writing styles and stereotyping of different people in general. Race is a huge issue in the film and many stereotypes are made. Jamal Wallace is introduced in the film as a typical black teenage male who goes to a low class school in the Bronx and excels on the court as a basketball player. He always plays basketball with his friends in a parking lot. Jamal is dared to go into the apartment of someone called “the window” who watches them play through binoculars. Jamal is caught and runs away in fright. He drops his bag filled with journals of his writing. Jamal makes mediocre grades in his school , he does just enough to get by and to maintain a “C” average. Jamal’s passion is writing. The window just so happens to be William Forrester a very famous author. Little do they know when they first meet what a great difference they would each eventually make for each other. William is the first to help Jamal by helping him in his writing. Jamal is a great writer but just doesn’t know it yet. William helps Jamal find himself in his writing, and Jamal becomes a great author. One lesson Jamal learned was to write with his heart first and revise later with his mind. Though Jamal for some time had been writing in his notebooks, he sat in front of Forrester’s typewriter at first unable to produce. Forrester then gives Jamal a piece of his writing and tells Jamal to type what he sees until his own words and thoughts take over and until he is able to type his own ideas. Seeing Jamal make the transition from Forrester’s work to his own creativity is amazing. Jamal promised that he would not take anything that he wrote out
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