Finding Forester Essay

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Surprises in Life After many years talking about a legend of an old man who has watched the guys play basketball on the court across the street from his apartment. Jamal Wallace was dared by his friends to sneak into the apartment of the old man in the middle of the night, spend a few minutes, and then steal something from the apartment. It turned out that the old man was not asleep. While inside the apartment, Jamal put his backpack containing is journals down so that he could look around. When all of a sudden, the old man woke up and scared Wallace making him forget his backpack in the apartment and make a run for it. Little did the two men know that this was the beginning of a friendship that would change the course of both men’s lives. At first glance William Forester and Jamal Wallace seem to be total opposites, from their age, to the color of their skin. In reality, they are not as different from each other as one might think. Wallace and Forester both have lost parts of their family, enjoy sports, and love to write. Of course there are differences that set each of these two men apart from each other, but they have many similarities that enable them to connect on a level that people with such an age difference usually do not. One of the points that the movie comes to show is that having a friendship with someone radically different in age can have a positive influence upon both people. William Forester is a published author who has spiraled into a depression because he feels responsible for his brother’s death. He says “Made it through the entire war and I just let him go.” Once Forester’s brother passed away he disconnected from the world and never left his apartment. Until Jamal came along Forester had forgotten what his dreams had been in his life and what he wanted to aspire to become. Jamal Wallace is introduced to as a stereotypical black kid who

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