Finding and Developing Employee Talent at Deloitte Essay

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CASE STUDY : FINDING AND DEVELOPING EMPLOYEE TALENT AT DELOITTE Question No. 5 How might social perception and attribution processes factor into the operation of the Deloitte Career Connections (DCC) program? 1.0 INTRODUCTION Deloitte is a world big name company in accounting business nature, more than 165,000 dedicated professionals independent firms throughout the world collaborate providing audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and tax services to selected clients. As a big company, Deloitte has a distinctive strategy on how to achieve and maintain the good achievement and become the market driven in the world. By realizing the main factor that will ensure their business success is communication, interaction & relation with customer so Deloitte have to focus to the human capital aspect. 2.0 HUMAN CAPITAL INVESTMENT Deloitte belief that good and talented employee will give distinctive capability for them to control the market. Human capital is the main factor has to be tackle, by developing a special strategy on how to gain the best talented employee and how to manage them. For recruiting program Deloitte come with the Teach First Program and in the managing them they have Deloitte Career Connections (DCC) program in order to develop and retain the ‘best & brightest’ employee. 3.0 STRATEGIES 3.1 First Teach Program * New employee recruiting program. * Purposely to get the best and talented employee. * Focus group is universities graduated by offering two year reality training * Giving the real training experiences nature of work liked managing people, leadership, initiative and entrepreneurialism * Targeted the best trainee will be absorb as a permanent employee. 3.2 Deloitte Career Connecting Program * Developing and managing the permanent employee’s program. * Deloitte

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