Find Somebody Else

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Find Somebody Else (A) 1. I think there are a number of violated principles of supportive communication and supportive listening that occurred in this case. The conversation between Ron and Mike really raised some eyebrows. I personally think Ron could have handled the situation in a more productive way. If he was more open minded with the problems at hand, he could have used that energy to energize Mike by supporting him and providing him with the help he need in order to run the operation. Ron should have used supportive listening to help Mike to identify areas or obstacles of concern. Ron violated Descriptive and Problem-Oriented principles by expressing his thinking and opinion about what Mike did and stated his personality. “ I think you’re too chummy with some of your female personnel” or “I think you’re creating a substandard impression by mot wearing a tie and “Having things in disarray reflects poorly on you” 2. In order to make this interaction more productive, I would have changed it. I would have meant one on one with my subordinates within the first month of me taking as the new boss. I would have also already established a relationship with them as well. Ron should have told Mike about other opportunities within the organization in order for him to advance. 3. Categorize each of the statement by naming the rule of supportive communication that is either illustrated or violated. Illustrated Congruent: I don’t want to be picky, but I do feel strongly about the issue I’ve mention Illustrated Evaluative: I notice that you don’t dress like a plant manager Illustrated Nonperson –oriented: I think you are too chummy with the female employees Violated Invalidating: negative feelings about coworkers, identity, and relatedness to others Illustrating No useful: I could spend
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