Financing For Health Care Essay

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Financing for Health Care 1 Financing for Health Care Magalene Johnson HCA305 Ken Feifer Instructor October 6, 2011 Financing for Health Care 2 Changes in health care financing and organization supports research, policy analysis and evaluation projects that provide policy leaders timely information on health care policy, financing and organization issues. Supported projects include examining significant issues and intervention related to health care financing and organization and their effects on health care costs, quality and access and exploring or testing major new ways to finance and organize health care that have the potential to improve access to more affordable and higher health services ( In exploring major ways to finance healthcare, every year an estimated amount of people are plunged into poverty when they or their relatives become ill and they must struggle to pay for health care services out of their own pocket. Recently funded projects are exploring value based insurance designed innovative delivery system models and insurance market reforms. Health care financing organization strongly encourages grantee initiated publication and presentation ( The results of these projects should be timely and useful for public and private policy makers, moving beyond the current evidence to inform policy debates. There are grants that are available for these projects. The first grant is called a small grant which is used for projects requiring up to One hundred thousand dollars and it takes up to twelve months or less and the second grant is called a large grant which is used for projects Requiring up to one hundred
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