Financial Statements Essay

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Financial Statements basically show the historical performance or record of the company at some previous point of time. By the time when financial statements are made public, changes are many economical areas such as market conditions, currency exchange rate and inflations can change the values of assets and liabilities. In this case there often exist discrepancies between book value of assets and their market values. In above case there might be companies that are healthy and many go through period of financial distress. In particular is the threat of not being able to meet debt obligations. The first Indication of financial distress is when firm does not have enough liquid assets (short-term assets) to cover (pay for) current liabilities (short-term liabilities) when this happen than firm ability to covering long-term liabilities is reduced resulting in creditors taking on more risk than the investment of loaning money to the firm is worth. When company is facing financial distress, book value of company liabilities can become worth more than the market value of the same liabilities. If this happen, than firm is in danger of not meeting its obligations to creditors. In this case creditors may not be paid and in worst of financial distressed time, the creditors may receive nothing in interest or principal, if the firm files for bankruptcy. The importance of financial-decision making goals is to increase shareholders’ value and to keep them away from financial distress. The Predicting of financial distress is an early warning signal to keep investors from being loss. It has been more than 70 years, since Ramser &ump; Foster, and Fitzpatrich in 1931-1932, and 44 years, since Beaver (1966) but still they have not found the theory of financial distress ( Laclere M,2006). They were more statistical consideration then the intuitive models or fundamental causes of

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