Financial Service Essay

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Institute of Actuaries of India Subject CT9: Business awareness Online Course Pre-course assignment of 7 exercises There are seven exercises within this workbook which you must complete. You must also complete the declaration on Page 1 of this assignment and then upload the workbook at IAI website under your member login You need to submit the completed assignment by 17th May 2013 under your IAI Member login. Any assignment which is not submitted will not be eligible for the exam and you will have to apply to take the exam again. You may commence your work on these exercises at any time before the start of, or during, the 10 day business game period. Contents Exercise 1 2 Exercise 2 5 Exercise 3 6 Exercise 4 16 Exercise 5 31 Exercise 6 36 Exercise 7 41 GUIDELINESFORSTUDENTS Pleasereadtheinstructionsbelowandsignthedeclarationbeforesubmittingthecompletedworkbook. 1. ThisworkbookisintendedtoprovidepreparatorymaterialfortheCT9 Online course 2. Youareexpectedtocompleteallsectionsofthisworkbookpriortoappearing the online examination 3. Pleaseensurethatthecompletedworkbookisuploaded on IAI website under your member login by17th May 2013 4. Ensurethatyoucompletethisworkbookinallearnest–youranswerswillbereviewedtoensurethatareasonablestandardhasbeenachieved.Thisisapre-requisiteforappearing the online examination. 5. Youwillbegivenfeedbackonthequalityofyourworkpriortotheexam. 6. YouarepromptedtoadheretotheActuarialCodeofConductwhileattemptingthisworkbookandthereafter.Itiscriticalthatallworkthatyousubmitisyourown.Plagiarismofanykindwillbetreatedseriouslyandconsideredabreachofexaminationregulations 7. Youmustsignthedeclarationbelowstatingthatthisisyourownwork. DECLARATION
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