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Financial Management Challenges and Ethics Essay

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One of the articles that were read talks about the federal budget that caused the deficit. The deficit that occurred was produced between the times of 1940s all the way to the 1960s. The article talks about the reason for the deficit would be lack of sorting out the problems. There needs to be some type of organization skills that are placed.
There has never been any planning before money was just spent out. The planning needs to be planned out before money is spent. As the article talks more about what should have been done, it stressed on the more agencies need to work more with Congress to make sure that the agencies are within the requirements that needs to be met.
The article talks about the former President Bush that he was described as a roller coaster. The people dropped for supporting him due to the gas prices, war in Iraq the social security was added into Bush been dropped down in the popularity. Bush is viewed as one that just wanted to get the job done. This has caused the problem for Bush losing his support that he had from people.
There is always a problem with the managers in the finance area. The business environment needs to have more management accountants and financial managers. The business has not hired the right amount of people in the role to take control of the finance that is placed in the company. The main idea to make sure, the business can keep track of what is spent or what is going to be spent at the company.
As the article states “Their roles have expanded to include a greater focus on the overall business, not just the accounting/finance department. Companies today recognize that their accounting and finance managers can provide valuable assistance with short- and long-term planning efforts, whether its guidance related to merger and acquisition activity or a specific revenue enhancement initiative.”
The challenges that are faced is more of when the company does not keep track of what is supposed to be spent. It is...

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