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FIN 501 – CORPORATE FINANCE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA WINTER, 2012 (Day Session) PROFESSOR: OFFICE: OFFICE HRS: TELEPHONE: E-MAIL: Course Description: Mengxin Zhao, Ph.D. C.F.A. 2-32C Business Building Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm, and by appointments 780-248-1318 This course provides a framework for analyzing the major types of investment and financing decisions made by firms. We start with investment decisions and then move to an understanding of how firms decide between alternative sources of financing their investments. We also examine the concept of risk and return and learn how to estimate the cost of debt, the cost of equity and the weighted average cost of capital. A thorough understanding of the topics covered in this course is important for the success of careers in investment banking, consulting, and corporate management. Required Texts: Corporate Finance, Second Canadian Edition by Berk, DeMarzo and Stangeland, 2010, Pearson Canada. (Older edition is also fine) Digital resources: Grading: • • • Homework Exam I Exam II (cumulative) 20% 40% 40% Your course grade is determined by your rank in the class. The University provides a suggested grade distribution for a 500 level courses, and this course’s grade distribution will be similar. You can visit this website for reference: Rules of the Class Make-up Exams: If you miss the mid-term exam, the marks are automatically carried over to the final exam. If you miss the final exam, I will need a medical certificate to arrange a makeup exam. Exam Aids: You are allowed to carry a one-page (8½x11) sheet of paper with as many formulas as you can cram onto it. You may write on both sides. Personal computers (notebooks, laptops etc) are not

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