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FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT BBPW 3103 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT I PENGURUSAN KEWANGAN I Name: Azarudeen Bin Abdullah Matriculation No: 651012035593001 NRIC No: 651012-03-5593 Contact No.: 012-371 6171 E-mail Address: Tutor: Encik S. Santhanasamy Learning Centre: Shah Alam Seksyen 7 SEMESTER SEPTEMBER 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS ITEM 1 2 3 4 5 DESCRIPTION Answers to Question 1(a) Answers to Question 1(b) Answers to Question 1(c) References Appendix PAGE 3 to 5 6 to 22 23 to 25 2 Question 1(a) Write a brief introduction on the selected company including its background, business activities, prospects and the industry in general. Answers to Question 1(a) Background Back in 1933 BERNAS was known as the Rice Commission. By 1956 the Federation of Malaya Rice committee was established. After independence in 1967 it was named Padi and Rice Marketing Board (PRMB) within FAMA. Then in 1971 the foundations of what is know as BERNAS today was set up and called National paddy and Rice Board (LPN). The corporatization of LPN to BERNAS was completed on July 7 th 1994. In 1996 the privatization of BERNAS was concluded and BERNAS or Padiberas Nasional Berhad was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia in 1997. Their tagline is Nourishing the Nation. BERNAS is supported by the strong commitment from the country's paddy farmers, rice millers, wholesalers and retailers, to ensure the smooth journey of rice to the dining table ( Business Activities BERNAS and its group of companies are involved in the procurement and processing of paddy; as well as the importation, warehousing, distribution and marketing of rice in Malaysia. BERNAS currently controls about 24% of the paddy market and 45% of the local rice demand. BERNAS, under a Privatisation Agreement signed with the Government in 1996 is obliged in

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