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UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES CAVE HILL CAMPUS DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES MGMT2023 - FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Coursework Project Semester II 2011/2012 ____________________________________________________________ ____ This project is aimed at enhancing students’ ability to analyze the financial statements of public companies. For this project, students are required to: 1. Choose one of the following companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange for your analysis: American Airlines Marriott International Inc. Toyota Motor Corporation Nokia Corporation 2. Find and read three recent articles on your company of choice. Write a brief summary of what you have learnt about your company, with particular reference to the economic, legal and socio-political environment of the company. (500 words) 3. Perform a financial statement analysis of the company over the most recent (4) year period. Your analysis should be separated by the various categories of financial ratios; for example: marketability, profitability, leverage etc. Be conclusive in your analysis by commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of the company and giving a final opinion on the company’s overall financial health. Your analysis should also state whether the operating environment of the business (refer to 2 above) impacts/will impact the performance of the business. The industry ratios should be used as benchmark in the analysis. (1200 words) 4. Review the company’s statement of cashflows for the past two years and compare the cashflow from operating activities to income from continuing operations. Indicate the amount by which they differ and the possible reasons that they differ. (350 words) 5. Make a recommendation to a prospective individual investor who is seeking capital gains, whether or not to invest in your company of choice. (250 pages) Students are asked to

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