Financial Literacy to Investment Decision: Malaysian Context Essay

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A project completed as part of the requirements for the BA (Hons) ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE FINANCIAL LITERACY TO INVESTMENT DECISION: MALAYSIAN CONTEXT by LIEW CHEE TUCK YONG SUH YEE August, 2014 Abstract This study was designed to evaluate factors that influence financial literacy level among Malaysian and to investigate how these literacy levels affect investment decision. A test on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics towards financial literacy level was conducted for this study. Researchers identified demographics characteristics and socioeconomic factors to be age, gender, education level, employment and income. The relationship between financial literacy level and investment decision was subsequently examined. In addition, SPSS software was used to extract the data and analyze the findings. Chi-Square Test was used by researchers to determine if there is any difference between factors and financial literacy level, and its influence on investment decision among Malaysian. This research targeted Malaysian people who reside in Klang Valley to evaluate the depth of Malaysians’ understanding on this research topic. Some limitations were found while carrying out the research. Researchers had provided recommendation to solve such limitations for refined study in the future. !1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We want to express our deepest appreciation to our main supervisor, Ms. Janys Ung for her unwavering support and guidance. We are grateful for her help and willingness in spending time giving us ideas, advices, recommendations and encouragements when we face problems while doing this project. Without her support, we would not able to get this study done in a good manner. We are glad of gaining valuable experiences throughout the journey. Besides, we would like to sincerely thank our

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