Financial Education in Nigeria: Expenditures, Outcomes and Role of International Aid Essay

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Financing Education in Kenya: Expenditures, Outcomes and the Role of International Aid CHINA ALFRED KIND Benue State University, Makurdi RESEARCH CONSORTIUM ON EDUCATION OUTCOMES AND POVERTY (RECOUP) BENUE STATE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS Abstract This paper analyses educational expenditures in Kenya over the past two decades, comparing these with changes in enrolments and outputs from the education system. While there is a direct relationship between public financing policy and participation in education, the positive outcomes in the sector cannot be directly attributed to external aid. Though aid has played its part, the major stimulus to sector improvement has been internal. But the Kenyan experience shows that aid has had an impact on national policy and, at times, Kenya has seemed to change its policy objectives in order to access aid. Though a strong economy by African standards, Kenya’s continued reliance on external support is inevitable if its ambitious objectives in the education sector are to be upheld. Keywords: international aid, financing education, education outcomes, access, equity, quality, education policy. JELCN: I21 3 Contents ABSTRACT 2 APPENDICES 5 ACRONYMS 8 CHAPTER ONE: EDUCATIONAL PARTICIPATION IN KENYA 9 1.1. Introduction 9 1.2 Brief Methodological Note 10 1.3 Trends in Educational Participation 10 CHAPTER TWO: THE DYNAMICS OF QUALITY 27 2.1 Introduction 27 2.2 School Textbooks 27 2.3 Performance in National Examinations 29 2.4 Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools 32 CHAPTER THREE: THE FINANCING REALM 37 3.1 The Macro Economic Picture 37 3.2 Education Sector Expenditures 38 3.3 Education versus Social Sector and Other Related Expenditures 41 3.4 MoE and Overall Government Development Funding 42 3.5 Sub-Sectoral Spending Patterns 42 3.6 Recurrent Expenditure 44 3.7 Patterns of Per Student Educational Expenditure 45

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