Financial Analysis of Walmart

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What makes Wal-Mart “King of the Retail Industry”? Financial report analysis The research for this paper has been conducted as a part of academic curriculum for the faculty of Department of Management Sciences The Islamia University Bahawalpur Head of Department: Nazik Hussain Instructor: Madiha Latif Written by: Malka Yasmeen Session: 2010-2014 2 Abstract: This research paper has been developed as a part of academic curriculum for the financial report analysis. It would help to learn about the success of the world’s number one discounted store “Wal-Mart”. This case has never been used anywhere else. This financial analysis has been done on the basis of annual reports of the company from year 2001 to year 2013. The software used to analyze results is Microsoft Excel. Plus, the secondary data has also play a vital role while writing this case. Furthermore, this research can be help full for other academic courses of marketing, management, investment, expansion and leadership. Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. Now it has a leading position in its industry. It basically focuses on the customer and is working efficiently on its motive of “Every Day Low Pricing”. It is also considered as a biggest employer and the biggest toy seller in the United States of America. At present, it is regulating 11000 stores worldwide. Wal-Mart is focusing on the expansion in more other countries. The sine qua non of Wal-Mart’s success is it’s speedily alteration of the upcoming technology. Porter’s five forces model is also discussed to describe the industry situation. The SWOT analysis would help to know the areas in which the company has a powerful grip, the short comings of the company, the likelihood of availing the available opportunities and the major threats company is facing. At the end, the recommendations section describes how Wal-Mart can do even more.

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