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Running Head: FINANCIAL 1 Financial Analysis Mariah Gray ACC205 Keith Graham 05/05/2014 FINANCIAL 2 When operating a business there are many things that you have to take into consideration. Sales and profit is a major factor in decision making. Another thing to consider is product or services. When you are selling these things, you have to decide what kind of customer you want in your business. Whether it can be something you pay up front, or something customers can pay monthly as they go. Duke energy is an electric and gas company that offers budget options, monthly bills, and outstanding balances. Some major issues with this kind of service to consider is debt, and if…show more content…
Duke Energy is traded on NYSE and DUK, also accumulating $110+ billion in assets. This company is financially stable holding 7.2 million electric customers and 500,000 gas customers. This company is able to keep so stable because of the services they provide. In this generation every person lives off of electric and needs it in their daily lives. They create budget plans for their customers so it can be affordable, and are able to receive the rest of the rest of the full payments at the end of the year. Its top competitors are American Electric Company, Constellation Energy Group, and CenterPoint Energy. Duke’s annual revenue is 24,598 million, it is the top electric company in the United States. Horizontal analysis is important because it is showing a trend in individual statements over time. The trends in are in percentage to evaluate the economic statistics for research in budget. Duke Energy has a trend in their balance sheet revealing that they usually pick up from one period to another, and then they decrease back down after they pick back up. When they were behind in current assets they decreased by 20% but then increased greatly by 100%. This analysis is provided to help build the income and make the statements greater so they can continue to try to pick up from where they left off…show more content…
That is what makes the company so compliant with the debt that they owe. “ Duke Energy is in compliance with all covenants related to its debt agreements.” (Duke Energy corp., 2010) This can be a very good thing, that way the company has time to pay off debt and not earn more then what they already have. Ratios are used so that companies are able to meet short-term debt. Current ratios and quick ratios are liquidity ratios that help signal complications. Current ratios show relative amount of working capital, while quick ratios show the amount of quick assets by current liabilities. “Ratio analysis is an important and powerful technique or method, general, used for financial analysis. The purpose of financial analysis is to diagnose the information content in financial statements so as to judge the profitability, financial soundness of the firm, and chalk out the way to improve existing performance.” (Ramagopal, 2008) Duke Energy’s Current ratio is 3.54; this is calculated by current assets, 2,049 million, divided by current liabilities, 578 million. There is no current problem with the liquidity in this company. The quick ratio is .33 and this is calculated by cash and accounts receivable, 1,501,000+ 1,316,000 divided by current liabilities, 8,644,000. This can be a bit of a problem, because this shows how much you can turn into cash on hand. “By removing the inventory and prepaids, you may gain

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