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Muleka KikwebatiJune 10, 2012 | Financial Analysis-Portfolio Recovery Associates William Baker Financial Management Abstract This paper will provide a complete financial report on Portfolio Recovery Associates, a US publicly-traded company headquartered in the Norfolk, Virginia. A company overview will be conducted to describe the company’s operations, locations, markets, and lines of business. Financial statements for the past three years will be discussed . The company’s common stock price will also be analyzed for the past three years. This research considers the company's culture, a critical factor in the corporation's success. Company Overview: Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. (PRA) is a market leader in the consumer debt purchase and collection industry. The company also provides a broad range of fee-based services through its various subsidiaries. PRA was founded in 1996 and has been publicly traded company since 2002. The company’s shares are publicly traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol “PRAA”. The Company is distinguished by its strong customer focus, continuous innovation, and culture of integrity and compliance. The company’s headquarter is located in Norfolk, Virginia but have operating in 10 states including Virginia, Alabama, California, Illinois, Kansas, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas. PRA recently acquired UK Company named Mackenzie Hall Holding Ltd located in Kilmarnock, Scotland. PRA purchase this company in the first quarter of 2012. PRA is considered the largest public debt buyer as measured by market capitalization with more than 28 million customer accounts purchased. PRA is a diversified company and has expanded and diversified throughout its 16 year history. They have accomplished this by acquiring several compatible companies. PRA’s subsidiaries include PRA Location

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