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RUNNING HEADER: Future Effects of Present Disruptions in the Capital Markets Future Effects of Present Disruptions in the Capital Markets Dewana Arceneaux, Lena S. Bertrand, Kimberly Robinson, Marcus Smith University of Phoenix Future Effects of Present Disruptions in the Capital Markets Damaging financial crisis has riveted throughout the United States and caused the ill effects to be felt nationwide because of it. The housing market industry was immediately challenged by the crisis due to not implementing an effective accountability measures for borrowers of money used to purchase homes. Indications of a failing market showed up especially when home lending institutions such as Freddie Mac and Fannie make needed a bailout from the United States government in order to stay afloat. A diversity of points of view on the affects of the financial meltdown had on housing and other markets was being scrutinized by economist and government officials alike. Financial reports turned so bad that investors lost great deal of confidence in the stock market in general and a sense of doom hovered over people of many nations causing a ripple effect placing numerous financial institutions in a standstill questioning the plight of the United States economy. Indirectly, it caused upcoming financial personnel to search for answers as to what effect this financial crisis will have not just on the housing market , but abroad and causing problems in other industry. Thus, the subject of the stock market industries plight after this financial meltdown and bailout decisions stands in questions to us all, especially to economist and future dreamers in the business realm. The focus of this paper will also look at the effects, if any on the financial crisis had on agriculture and housing industry. Housing Industry The saying “money is the root to all evil” can define

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