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This page is intentionally left blank FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, MARKETS, AND MONEY This page is intentionally left blank E L E V E N T H E D I T I O N FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, MARKETS, AND MONEY David S. Kidwell University of Minnesota David W. Blackwell Texas A&M University David A. Whidbee Washington State University Richard W. Sias University of Arizona John Wiley & Sons, Inc. VICE PRESIDENT AND EXECUTIVE PUBLISHER George Hoffman PROJECT EDITOR Jennifer Manias Emily McGee Erica Horowitz ASSISTANT EDITOR EDITORIAL ASSISTANT MEDIA EDITOR Greg Chaput Harold Nolan CREATIVE DIRECTOR SENIOR DESIGNER Maureen Eide SENIOR PHOTO EDITOR Lisa Gee PRODUCTION MANAGER Dorothy Sinclair SENIOR PRODUCTION EDITOR Trish McFadden PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT SERVICES Aptara COVER DESIGN Wendy Lai COVER PHOTO Amy Uratsu/Photodisc/Getty Images This book was set in 10.5/12 Janson Text by Aptara, Inc. and printed and bound by RRD/JC. The cover was printed by RRD/JC. This book is printed on acid free paper. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise, except as permitted under Sections 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act, without either the prior written permission of the Publisher, or authorization through payment of the appropriate per-copy fee to the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc., 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923, (978)750-8400, fax (978)750-4470 or on the web at Requests to the publisher for permission should be addressed to the Permissions Department, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774, (201)748-6011, fax (201)748-6008, or online at

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