Finances of the Salvation Army

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Finances of the Salvation Army 5 Finances of The Salvation Army Krystal S Wilson Axia College Finances of The Salvation Army 2 o How do they fund their programs? The Salvation Army is funded by donations from the public and also from grants given by the government. They also have fund raisers at their corps and other appeals. Salvation Army fund-raising campaigns are conducted on a local and regional basis. There is no fund-raising at the national level. The normal source of funds are the traditional Christmas kettle campaigns, direct-mail programs, corporate and foundation gifts, planned giving, and government contracts. In most areas, The Salvation Army is a member agency of local affiliates of the United Way of America where such affiliation has proven to be beneficial to The Salvation Army. The organization’s stewardship of its funding is noted throughout philanthropy; 83 cents of every dollar collected by the Army goes directly to client service – among the highest percentages of any non-profit in the world. In my community they provide a shelter for people who don't have a place to stay, they provide food for the people there and anyone who comes in and asks for it, they help with bills like heating, water, housing. Finances of The Salvation Army 3 o How reliable are their funding sources? Some charities rely on third party funds such as the government, grants, charities, and donations for their funding. Second parties do sometimes make a contribution. This is aimed mainly to cover expenses that have not been funded by the third party and remains for non profit and charity in their nature. This allow the charities to focus on what

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