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Finances Funds for this program are used to offset the expenses incurred from the transportation, packaging, or related fees of donated products. The average cost of this program is $2,000 per truckload of donated product. The amount of food received with each truckload ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 pounds. (Baton Rouge Food Bank) The procurement goals of this program are to obtain fruit, vegetables and protein rich foods (e.g. canned or frozen meats, peanut butter, etc.). The Food Bank will use these nutritious foods in conjunction with carbohydrate and dairy donations already established through existing programs to create well-balanced and nutritious meals. (Baton Rouge Food Bank) The Food Bank’s long-term goal is to raise awareness and for potential donors to personally witness the difference they can make with donations of only $500 to $1,000. (Baton Rouge Food Bank) The Food Bank asks that each individual or group that donates to the Buck$ for Truck$ program make their gift of a truckload of food an annual event. Donating participants will be invited back to the Food Bank to be continually reminded of the exceptional magnitude of their efforts. (Baton Rouge Food Bank) The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank serves approximately 7,700 people every day. Over 100 agencies in our 11-parish service area assist needy individuals as group homes, shelters, meal sites, pantries, and emergency relief areas. These needy individuals are food insecure for the same reasons as poverty (economic conditions, job loss, spouse/parent income loss, etc.). The majority of these individuals served are children or elderly. Thus, our clients require nutritional food that considers dietary needs for developing bodies and/or medical conditions. Funds are used to distribute food to these hungry persons without any administrative costs. Additionally, Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is

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