Finance Speech Essay

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Brochure essay Shinikki Simmons Bus/210 January 8, 2011 Emily Lewis Foundations of Business University Of Phoenix Brochure essay The Brochure I decided to make pertains to my unique clothing business. I structured my brochure to focus on my designs and what the store has to offer for my potential customers. I wanted to draw the attention to what makes the store so unique and that is the different ways we cater to the company. I showed the different designs my store offer with customizing in children designs as well as adults. My business model was to treat the customer with integrity letting the customer know that they can trust our judgment and taste; we want them to walk away looking and feeling like a shining star. Our customers are the one who makes our business so successful. I want them to know that we appreciate their business. We are so confident and loyal to our work that we guarantee them the best service possible or their money back with no questions asked. The logo I presented on my Brochure speaks for itself which is a shining star. I first displayed a picture of the different types of shoes letting the customer know yes we specialize in shoe apparel as well, and we customize them to match whatever outfit you choose from my company to design for you. Then I went on to display a picture of a child with her hair band, purse, clothing and shoes that all coordinate together. That is showing the customer we back up what we say by making the shoes to match the clothing and the accessories to blend right in. We are also sending a message that we do cater to children clothing. I then move on to show the pictures of the different types of clothing styles for adults for disco partying or a nice dinner outing. The picture shows the different types of material and colors my company can produce with the shoes that look presentable
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