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Date: August 9, 2005 To: Brad Collins – Senior Vice-President Coffee Time From: George Batalla, DeLisa Dabney, and Debbie Lopez RE: Recommended strategy for research project (Going to India) Thank you Mr. Collins for choosing us as your research consultant for your organization. After our review and research project design, we have the following observations and considerations to share with you. Gathering valuable information about India, we feel that our information will help you formulate a solid and well-informed business decision regarding your potential move to India. Also, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages or primary and secondary data collection, the types of instruments used to gather data, and how to incorporate business theory into a research design. Based on the research information on India, we found that information costs money. We have utilized your time and money in gathering secondary information first before beginning primary information because it is useful and considered the value of time on the research in order to take advantage of the emerging market of South Asia, especially in India before a competitor would. An experimentation research was done to help support the primary information. In order for the design and research fit your organizational need, we focused on your key questions to guide us on the right path and the result indicated the following: 1) Which city or cities should Coffee Time enter? Of the 12 cities in India, the four cities appropriate for Coffee Time to enter in India are: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. The reason for these selected cities is the appearance of a modern look and affluence that is suited for Coffee Time. These cities have a high density of the consuming class which would find Coffee Time’s premium and exotic flavors acceptable from consumers. However,

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