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Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management Bob Paladino John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Additional Praise For Five Key Principles of Corporate Perfromance Management “This book is emblematic of Bob’s considerable expertise in organizing a company around the Strategy Focused Organization approach using the Balanced Scorecard Method. As founder, chairman and CEO of Crown Castle International (CCI:NYSE) I hired Bob as a consultant to lead a program to initiate CCI on the SFO method. He later joined CCI and led a successful organizational transformation to a much more efficient global platform in the telecommunications industry. I am now chairman and majority shareholder of two international organizations; one in the multi-jurisdictional payroll arena and another in the aerospace industry and Bob is successfully transforming those companies into Strategy Focused Organizations. He is probably THE most knowledgeable and experienced individual in implementing the SFO approach to better organizational efficiency given his hands on experience and his considerable knowledge of accounting and finance as a CPA.” —Ted B. Miller, Jr., Chairman, M7 Aerospace and Chairman, Imperium International “This book brings strategy to life through real-life application and provides the road map needed to truly unite a company in its objectives. Bob Paladino’s method encourages team work, cross functional thinking and drives company success.” —Preston Atkinson, Chief Operating Officer, Whataburger, Inc. “Bob Paladino has taken a balanced approach of taking all attributes of high performing businesses and turning them from theory to practical application. His book also discusses a step by step approach by using case studies which, if followed, will help organizations get to the maturity level in a timely manner.” —Ashok G. Vadgama, President, Center for Advanced Management

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