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Kara Forwith Rough Material 03 January 2012 * 5:30 AM Alarm Clock Rings * Morning Medications * Morning Routine includes prayer, shower, getting dressed, doing hair and make up * Breakfast on the go usually something small * Leave the house by 7 * Make 25 minute drive to school * School 8-5. (Schedule includes Biology Lab 8-9:50, Break 9:50-10:55, English Lecture 11-12:15, Biology Lecture 12:30-1:45, Math Lecture 2-3:15, and American History Lecture 3:30-4:45) * Drive home 25 minutes * Pick up younger brothers from sports by 6 * Come home and do daily chores * Dinner with the family * Studying for about an hour or so * Shower * Evening Medications * Phone calls to grandma and boyfriend * Bedtime * Wake up and do it all over again I could add more details about my morning routine. I feel like I am holding back there and need to give vivid details. I find myself juggling many roles as a student and the oldest child of the family. Since my parents work full times jobs I usually have to help out a lot around the house and with transportation for my younger brothers. Also, since I am a full time student it takes a lot of studying to achieve the grades I want (Add studying details?) so I do not have a lot of extra curricular time to hang out with friends. I also work a part time job on Saturday and Sundays. I am holding back that I have a very rare auto immune disease (Behcet’s Syndrome) that can sometimes get in the way of my “hectic days”. (I need to add details about the challenges of Behcet’s

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