Final Week Six Essay

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Assignment: Final Project Proposal November 12, 2011 Professor Munoz What I plan to create for my final project is a flyer(s) for advertisement, logos, and the required images to complete the assignment in Adobe Photoshop. The reasons I will choose these layouts and designs are because they were the very interesting to put together with little or no experience. I will also browse the internet for random pictures that are not nude for this class to add mask, layers, text effects, and adjustments to the task given on Week 9. I also will apply borders along with shapes or objects and image effects. In addition, I will look to see what pictures I already have in my emails or filed on my laptop that could use some modification in black and white. I believe I have at least half of the images obligated to complete the project, which is twelve. The strategy is to generate the entire requirements needed piece by piece and on time as I already have been doing week after week until the due date. For the remainder of the course, I will gather my thoughts by arranging and editing the photos. I want to use what I learned to ensure my mission is above standard to receive a passing grade for my creativity applying everything I learned in this class. It will probably take me awhile to construct each individual project step-by step to standard. All photos will be in jpeg or psd format. Each portrait will be different as possible. I will start by designing the flyer first since it may take me some time to create it. Then, incorporate the second photo with some graphics to enhance it. Next, I will put my brain to work by making some logos for myself. I also intend to do some copying and pasting to some photos. I would love to design a two -sided cd cover from scratch if allowed in this class. I might try to propose a brochure again which requires shapes and objectives. Lastly,
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