Final Strategic Plan And Presentation

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Final Strategic Plan and Presentation Elloise Johnson University of Phoenix BUS 475 James Sternieri March 28, 2011 Abstract This paper is base on the combination of the completed strategic plan. It includes the vision, mission, values, SWOTT analysis, balanced scorecard, and communication plan. In addition, there will be a section in which the added strategies and tactics to implement the realize strategic objectives, measures, and targets will be included; along with, marketing, information technology strategies and tactics. The business that is being strategically evaluated (Nanayah’s Fashion), over the past weeks was able to developed mission, vision statements. Nanayah’s Fashion took into consideration the topics of culture, social responsibility, and ethics when analyzing the company overall value. When strategically planning Nanayah Fashion by using SWOTT analysis to determine the important aspect of the company strength, weakness, opportunities and threats; analysis of Nanayah’s Fashion was base on global, economic, social, strategy, goals, culture, leaderships and technology. Strategic objective as also use to to develop a balanced scorecard; taken into consideration, the vision, mission, and values of the business. Three of the four strategic objectives are used; like, Financial, customer, learning and growth. Mission and Vision Nanyah’s Fashion started November 2010 in Liberia West Africa, to help women support their families financially. This is a business established by Elloise Nanayah Johnson who has a great passion for fashion and passionate about helping other women achieve their dreams. This is a business that provides the unique opportunity for women in Liberia, who wants to start a business but don’t have the funds or resources to start. One of the goals for Nanayah’s Fashion is to take certain percentage from the profit
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