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Final Relfection Essay

  • Submitted by: deputydwy
  • on May 22, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Final Reflection Essay
I went into this class expecting it to be proving and disproving stereotypes.
In many ways this class and Ronald Takaki’s book have changed my point of view and the knowledge I have.
In the news and media we learn a very biased view of the Palestine/Israel conflict. Prior to this class I had very little understanding about the conflict, and if I had watched the news I would just know that America’s government supports only Israel. More light was shined on the situation as we watched Promises together as a class and we were given chances to ask questions and discuss.
Palestine and Israel are two neighboring countries that differ in religion and ethnicity. The two are fighting over land that is owned by the Palestinians. The media has led us to believe that Israel is the right side in this battle and the Palestinians are all terrorist. We learned from the video that this is not the entire truth. Both sides have extremist and both sides have victims.
To me it is obvious that Israel is wrong in occupying Palestine. Israel is populating Palestine and stealing land. Israeli soldiers have blocked off high traffic local roads in Palestine, making commuting to work, school, and medical help difficult. Given all the information, anyone could see the Palestinians are being harassed.
People of many cultures, languages, religion and age are being affected by the conflict between the two warring neighbors. In the Gaza strip, where much of the activity and conflict is taking place, people of many religions and ethnicity are living. Each day the people in this area must worry about suicide bombings and harassment in the street.
In this part of the world there are many human rights problems to be resolved. Without the co-operation of the United States or the UN Palestine does not have the power to help themselves. They will continue to be oppressed and abused. They will continue to have there homes taken away and being imprisoned unfairly....

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