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Final question During the first phase of Leptospirosis, Where does the Pathogen appear?

 A. Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid
 B. Sweat and Tears
 C. Interstitial Fluid
 D. Bile
 E. Sebum
 Correct Answer A. Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid Which of the following is associated with dental carries? Streptococcus pneumoniae Streptococcus mutans Lactococcus lactis Staphyloccus aureus The answer is b. Streptococcus mutans Drugs preventing the formation of the bacterial cell wall are?

A) Rifampin
B) Trimethoprim
C) Beta-lactams
D) Aminoglycosides
E) Erythromycin
 Correct Answer: C, Beta-lactams Each of the following represent a virus except___________ a) has a nucleocapsid b) contains ribosomes c) helical d) contains DNA or RNA e) icosahedral The correct answer is b. The growth rate of bacteria is also known as: a) quick time b) stationary phase c) doubling time d) reproduction phase Answer is c) doubling time The amoeba that gets through the nasal passageways as a result of swimming in warm water is known as ____________. a. Cronobacter sakazaki b. Acanthamoeba c. Nagleria fowleri d. Toxoplasma gonadii e. Clostridium tetani Answer: C. Nagleria fowleri All of the following can be transmitted sexually EXCEPT: A) Chlamydia B) Gonorrhea C) Syphilis D) Tetanus E) HIV Correct answer is D Tetanus Changes in which of the following characterizes mutations?
 A. Phenotype
 B. Genotype
 C. Both (a) and (b)
 D. None of these
 Correct answer: option C What is the first antibody made after immunization? A. IgM B. IgA C. IgE D. IgD E. IgG *answer: A. IgM The bacteria used to examine the efficacy of autoclave is: A) Brevis B) Megaterium C) Polymyxa D) Bacillus stearothermophilus

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