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Stanley “Tookie” Williams and Redemption 2 Can a person on death row be redeemed? Redemption is not a word commonly associated with a four-time convicted murderer awaiting execution on death row. While some think the death penalty is barbaric, others believe it is just punishment for the crime committed. Stanley Tookie Williams, convicted murder and co-founder of the notorious Crips gang, was described in black and white depending on who was speaking of him. The case of Williams’ leaves much room to argue guilt or innocence. Stanley “Tookie” Williams was born on December 29, 1953 to a 17-year-old mother in the New Orleans Charity Hospital. He never met his father who deserted them before Williams turned 1-year-old. In 1959 he and his mother caught a Greyhound bus to Los Angeles and settled into South-Central Los Angeles which Williams recalled as “a shiny red apple rotting away at the core” according to his autobiography Blue Rage, Black Redemption. In 1971, Williams joined Raymond “Truck” Washington to form the West Side Crips. This gang along with the Bloods of Los Angeles went on to perpetrate over 70 gang related homicides in 1974, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. In 1972, two youths left a concert at the Hollywood Palladium and were attacked by 20 Crips members who wanted their leather coats and wallets. When Robert Ballou, Jr. refused, he was beaten to death. He was not a gang member, played football in high school and was considered to be a good person by friends and family alike. Nine Crips members 3 were later arrested and charged with his murder. This was considered the first murder by the Crips and evidenced the criminal side and ruthlessness of the gang. Williams is apprehended in 1979 for four murders and placed on

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