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Final Project It190 Essay

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Company Revamp
Kelly Dufford
Kaplan University

For the purpose of integrating all employees onto one network with security and functionality in mind I am suggesting that we replace all outdated systems and become as unified as possible. For all employees except those in marketing I am suggesting we go with the HP Touch Smart 320 series all-in-one PC with windows 7 listed at $869.99. For the marketing employees I am suggesting the 27-inch iMac 3.2GHz listed at $1,999.00. The HP touch smart 320 series is an all-in-one PC and offers windows 7 which was my preference for the company, it has 4 GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive and an AMD lynx dual core A4-3400 processor with options to upgrade. I feel that all of the hard ware is sufficient for our company’s needs. The Apple iMac also has a 1TB hard drive along with 2 4GB of memory and the Intel core i5 processor. The 1TB of hard drive space will allow more room for file storage and the processors will allow enough speed to get the actions done that are required.
When it comes to accounting software I am recommending that we continue using Sage Peachtree accounting software. The reason being that this software has what we need to keep track of our accounting needs, having one program will stream line things and make it easier to transfer records. Peachtree runs on windows so with the added windows platform on our MACs we will be able to run it on all of our units. Peachtree is also designed for small business as well as mid-level businesses so there is no need to upgrade when we expand in the future. For these reasons I feel that Peachtree is the best choice.
Besides the Apple store options for graphic design I am suggesting that we obtain Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 simply because it is rated the highest among similar graphic design software. The options in this program are everything we need to create marketing for our company. This program runs on windows so it is not MAC specific but I still believe that it is the...

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