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The Affordable Care Act: Obama Health Insurance Unit 9 Project Nicole McDonald CM107-37 The number of people living in the United States with no health insurance continues to rise each day. President Obama realized that having uninsured American’s what not acceptable. Affordable care was so important to President Obama, that during his first term as president, he proposed a plan to fix this problem. This exciting new plan has been named the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act is expected to come in full effect in the year 2014 and will be able to serve all American who are with or without health insurance. The Affordable Care Act will start helping out a lot of people and their families in the United States. It will especially beneficial to people who are between the ages of 19 and 26 years old. People in that age range are usually the ones who are most uninsured because they are either unemployed or have a job, but that job does not offer health insurance (Frerich 2012). That is also the age when a lot of unplanned pregnancies occur, and,with no health insurance, there is no way to get any contraceptives or prenatal care like monthly doctor appointments and ultrasounds. These are two reasons the plan can be so beneficial. There are reports that many older people over the age of 64 have no health insurance because the Medicare is too expensive. There is also a deadline to be enrolled to Medicare each year, if a person does not make that deadline they must wait until the following year to enrolled. These are just a few of the many reasons why uninsured people could get help. The Affordable Care Act will help women and their families get the services and support they were rejected from before the Affordable Care Act was written up especially since women nowadays are either the main breadwinners in their family or bring in a least ¼

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