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Final Project Jeannettee Williams ETH/125 05/27/12 Berita Sherman Final Project While learning in this class I have always known that everyone originates from somewhere. What I have found is that it is for many different reasons that they have migrated to the United States. Some have come for the purpose of seeking a better lifestyle than they would receive in their own countries, while others have done so for safety reasons. It all depends on where they are coming from as to why they have chosen this for their families in the first place. America is a very diverse country; I believe that we have more people here that are different in so many ways that it can be called a melting pot of sorts. In America there are different nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations that it cannot be denied we are more acceptable to the difference in others than other countries have been and still are to date. I have been able to relate to the very thing that many individuals have forgotten about, poverty, discrimination and stereotyping, all things that each group can relate to at some point in their history. Due to my upbringing I was very aware of my ethnic background and have been learning about others as I go along in life. I will say that I learned a little more on how my ethnicity has been seen by others and how some have never had to question their own. It was a beautiful feeling to read and research about the way many ethnicities actually have the same sort of backgrounds and histories. I feel that if the individuals that believe in racism and discrimination were made to view them for what they are they would have a different outlook on their own history. My particular cultural history is rich with information and accomplishments yet we as a people are unable to build from these things; much of this is due to our own lack of education and preference to

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