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Final Project John Padgett ETH/125 January 20, 2013 Christina Mazzella Final Project The United States has so many different types of people and so many diverse cultures living in the country. I have seen so many different races of people recently and their cultures that have tried to blend in with the American culture while maintaining their own self identities and way of life. The people of the United States have seemed to always be tolerant of different races and cultures that come to America, and try to a part of the American dream. The problem now is that the Americans seem to have become a minority and we are once again fighting to keep our traditions and culture in tact as these different peoples live in our country and share our way of life. It has been difficult for me in general to remain at ease with all this diversity and embrace these differences and accept what has happened in our country. I’m am trying to learn to not look at how different we are from each other and enjoy all the different things we can share with one another. While growing up I was one sided and only saw the negative things that can come from so much diversity, and now I’m learning that I and people in general should learn to accept these other cultures and learn from them as they can learn from us. The one thing that has really caught my attention was how the American Indians were treated and how the United States pretty much committed genocide against these people and their way of life. We came to their land and wanted to become a part of this country, it was theirs, they lived here and accepted us, even helped us when we first got here. The first Americans got greedy and stole the land from them. The American government decided that they didn’t want to share this vast land and stole the land from them. We created laws and

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