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Final Paper Com/156 Uop

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The Other Side of Hallucinogenic Drugs
Erik Stene
March Second Two Thousand and Thirteen
Kate Marciniak

Hallucinogenic Drugs
      There are stories of someone taking hallucinogenic drugs, thinking they can fly and jumping out of window only to fall to their death. Another story would about a person taking a psychedelic drug and permanently existing “high” for the rest of their life?   While there may be some truth to those stories, they really are just stories. What if one took a different approach to how hallucinogenic drugs are viewed and were able to find that it is quite possible that hallucinogenic drugs natural to the earth may have played a major role in the evolutionary jump in human consciousness? Hallucinogenic drugs might be viewed differently if it was more commonly known that they have been used for many centuries dating back to pre-history. Although hallucinogenic drugs have a negative reputation, they still are widely used for spiritual and therapeutic reasons in many parts of human civilization around the world.

The Other Side of Hallucinogenic Drugs
      Similar to narcotics, hallucinogens have received a bad reputation over the years. Due to their potency they have been classified as illegal by agencies in the federal government, which many people feel have overreacted in the decision that there is no medical use for them. Narcotics however have been used by hospitals around the world and has been regulated and made into a profitable business in the pharmaceutical industry. Narcotics help manage pain in their most basic use in the medical field. Where the bad reputation gains traction, is when narcotics, like hallucinogens are...

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