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Saad Emin POLI 2010 Exam 3 Final Exam 1. The reason why the United States only have two major political parties? This is because back in1950 a French man name Maurice Duverger a sociologist observed that stable two party systems often develop spontaneously in places that use single member district pluralities. Another reason is because winner takes all system in the U.S. favored by two stable parties. What have to change for us to have a competitive third party would be? Instead of citizen voting for democrats or republican he or she should vote for other parties that are listed in the pole. Time will only tell what can become of the Tea Party and their movement. The Tea Party has truly exposed a weakness in America, and they will utilize this exposure to gain power and influence. They are throwing some harsh tricks such as throwing false fact about Obama by calling him a Muslim and in fact he is a Christian and attends church. The tea party We Americans are the only ones that can stop them from becoming too powerful by sticking together as magnets. It seems that they are doing a horrible job in my opinion. A party should run successfully not by making others look bad but by listen to its people. 2. Stated in the constitution freedom of press right is in the first adamanent of the bill of right. Palin family has to expect what the Hustler Magazine stated about their sixteen year daughter being pregnant. Even thou one can sue someone for emotional distress. That could be the only way the Palin family could sue, but they could not sue for the fact that the press are lying about them. Although her being a minor the case could be won, because a minor is more easily to go through stress and hurt by the lies. She may not be able to cope with the rumor than an adult in the main street media. The court would side with the minor

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