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Background: The graphics-based scripting replacement tool which Brian Styles built in 1999 with the intention to maximize the efficiency of his own consultants received the wide recognition of the industry as a unique value proposition for system administrators and this led Styles to incorporate a stand-alone software company under the name ScriptLogic. ScriptLogic Corporation quickly became a leader in administration software for Microsoft Windows-based networks. The company’s solution led to improved enterprise productivity and efficient IT resources. Problem Statement: The 2007 merger of ScriptLogic with Quest Software witness new challenges for ScriptLogic in terms of effectively managing its existing business while trying to create synergies with the much larger Quest organization. ScriptLogic whose 90% of the business comes from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) was contemplating how best Quest can be utilized to explore the enterprise market. Another big question for ScriptLogic was how to effectively create and utilize its own and Quest’s sales force to manage its current and potential customers. The answer to creating effective sales force would also help ScriptLogic to accommodate its rapid product proliferation while at the same time will allow its’ sales representatives to focus on existing customers for the purpose of cross selling along with working on new leads. Recommendation: We would like to recommend the four course of action for ScriptLogic to act upon: a) ScriptLogic should continue utilizing its sales force to serve SMBs and utilize Quest sales force to target remaining 10% of its business (enterprise). b) The company should hire new sales force to focus on additional new leads generated. We recommend creating one single team rather than separate team to sell existing products. c) ScriptLogic should aim at redesigning the

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