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Keith Cannon Prof. LaTour Eng. 101-SM 6/24/2010 Alcohol is a drug by definition. Webster’s dictionary defines a drug as: a substance that can cause addiction, a marked change in mental status, or psychological dependency. Unfortunately, many people do not consider beer or alcoholic beverages to be as dangerous as illegal drugs. Just pick up any major newspaper on any given day and from headlines to obituaries there are more tragic stories involving teens and alcohol than teens with illicit drugs. Radio, television and the internet also keep the public informed with the same stories. Apparently alcohol is the drug of choice among teens and adults are aware of this. Therefore, adults should be held more accountable for what happens to teens on private property, especially when alcohol is involved. Holding adults more legally accountable for what happens to teens on private property would bring a greater awareness to the serious number of alcohol related deaths among the youth in our communities. This also encourages communication lines to be open giving adults--especially parents--something to think about which puts emphasis on the value of a teen’s life. Alcohol is cheaper and more readily available to teens and teens will only mimic what they are being taught. Homicide, suicide and automobile accident rates are the top tragic stories that occur when adults and parents condone alcohol use among teens. Due to teens immaturity they think they’re invincible and don’t often understand the consequences of their actions. These tragedies are killing a significantly greater number of juveniles than illicit drugs and yet there seems to be no end. As a result though, more states are putting laws into effect that are holding adults more accountable and increasing the parents’ financial liability for teenage drinking and the problems that go with it.

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