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Chapter 1 Introduction Background of the Study Production and consumption are human’s daily activities. This kind of system tends to destruct the environment because they require large consumption of products and returning the end product which is the waste to the environment in a form that it can damage the environment. The presence of these wastes is an indication that products are not used efficiently. This issue gives an idea to the researchers to help in the waste management. Mollusk Shells like Mussel Shells is commonly consumed as food. But once the meat of the shell is eaten, people just tend to throw these shells, adding to the tons of garbage which leads to the problem of waste management. Nowadays, even our landfills are becoming too occupied with all of our garbage and yet these shells contribute to these. Knowing that there are cheap alternative sources of bricks coming from eggshell and oyster shell, it is possible that even mussel shell can be converted and contributed to bricks production. Mussel shells contain great amount of calcium carbonate which is necessary in the production of bricks. Thus, making mussel shells is useful in brick production. Sineguelasan, Bacoor Cavite is known for its aquaculture. Aquaculture development that involves culture of mussel is actively done by fish farmers here, making the Sineguelasan one of the leading mussel-producing places in Bacoor Cavite. If Sineguelasan cultures lots of mussels then they also produce lots of mussel shells. To use this efficiently, its shells which are considered as waste must be converted into useful product such as bricks. Statement of the Problem Waste management is one of the major issues of every barangays. Now the government as well as the non-government is thinking of ways to properly dispose these

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