Fin 571 All Assignments Week 1 -6 / Final Exam Latest 2014 Essay

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FIN 571 All Assignments Week 1 -6 / Final Exam Latest 2014 IF You Want To Purchase A+ Work Then Click The Link Below , Instant Download If You Face Any Problem E- Mail Us At JOHNMATE1122@Gmail.Com FIN 571 Week 1 Business Structure Paper FIN 571 WEEK 1 Reflection PAPER FIN 571 Week 2 Business Structure Advice FIN 571 Week 3 Graded Paper FIN 571 Week 3 Learning Team A Reflection – Graded FIN 571 WEEK 4 Proforma Statement Analysis Paper FIN 571 Week 4-TA-A-Valuation-Reflection FIN 571 week 5 learning team fin 571-1-Pauls Cuts FIN 571 WEEK 6 Workin Capital Simulation paper FIN 571 WeeK 6-TA-Team-A-Reflection-Video Week 6 HW Part 2.xlsx FIN 571 FIN/571 Final Exam - Latest 2014 1.Which of the following is considered a hybrid organizational form? 2.Which of the following is a principal within the agency relationship? 3.Which of the following presents a summary of the changes in a firm’s balance sheet from the beginning of an accounting period to the end of that accounting period? 4.Teakap, Inc., has current assets of $ 1,456,312 and total assets of $4,812,369 for the year ending September 30, 2006. It also has current liabilities of $1,041,012, common equity of $1,500,000, and retained earnings of $1,468,347. How much long-term debt does the firm have? 5.Gateway Corp. has an inventory turnover ratio of 5.6. What is the firm’s days’s sales in inventory? 6.Your firm has an equity multiplier of 2.47. What is its debt-to-equity ratio? 7.Which of the following is not a method of “benchmarking”? 8.Jack Robbins is saving for a new car. He needs to have $ 21,000 for the car in three years. How much will he have to invest today in an account paying 8 percent annually to achieve his

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